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Afghan Women's Internet Cafe

Mountain2Mountain in Breckenridge, CO by Shannon Galpin

About our cause

Working with the young Afghan women that opened the first women's internet cafe in Kabul we plan to open an internet cafe in Central Afghanistan open to women and run by women. This access allows not only for information to be downloaded, but for citizen journalism, social media based activism, and witness violence to be uploaded and shared globally. Allowing the voices of Afghan women to be heard.

What population we serve?

women and the youth in war zones

What success we've already had

We have completed or have ongoing programs throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the US. We funded construction of 2 girls schools in Pakistan, set up kindergartens and computer labs in Afghanistan, supported graffiti art project with young Afghan artists in Kabul, and are currently in process of building a school for the deaf in Kabul.

Our primary mission
To empower voice and value with women and girls in conflict zones. Through citizen journalism, education, art, music, and activism.
Why should you support our cause

Accessing global information and improving education, while amplifying Afghan women's voices global.

How the money will be spent

The money would be spent on premises, solar system set up (lack of electricity is an issue as is a need to keep control of power requirements in the hands of the young women running the cafe) and computers. Young Women for Change will handle all recruitment and training of local women.

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