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Help Baby Buggy to Scale Up in other Cities

Baby Buggy in Our headquarters are in New York City by Katherine Snider

About our cause

In 2011, Baby Buggy expanded its reach outside of NYC by opening a warehouse in LA and hiring a p/t coordinator there.We currently have 5 sites that we serve in LA, as well as a Friends of Baby Buggy group and 7 drop off sites.We would like to replicate this model in at least two additional cities.We are currently making donations of new corporate gear to select sites in Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta+Washington DC. We would like to scale up this work with even more donations of to these areas

What population we serve?

We serve some of America's most vulnerable families: 12% survived domestic violence 27% of the children have special needs 30% are homeless

What success we've already had

We tie our donations to parental particpation in strong anti-poverty programs like Nurse-Family Partnership.In this way, we help provide for the immediate needs of a child, while their parents get the support they need to become more self-sufficient (goals include improving credit scores, getting GED, better housind, etc) in the long run.

Our primary mission
Founded by Jessica Seinfeld in 2001, Baby Buggy aims to provides America's poor families w/ the tools they need to keep their children safe + healthy.We have donated 5.6 million items-including 7600 safe sleeping places- to hundreds of thousands
Why should you support our cause

Baby Buggy has created a successful, scalable model that is working in NYC+LA. With additional support, we can help even more poor families in need.

How the money will be spent

A grant of $50,000 would provide us with funds necessary for 1 additional staff person to scale up,additional storage space and and a fund for purchasing critical items like diapers and cribs that aren't yet donated in large enough quantities in LA+ 2 other cities where we have already vetted sites

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