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Keep 55 Children out of Nightclubs in Oaxaca, Mexico

Expand Casa Hogar in Austin, TX by Sophia Zaia

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$10,000 WINNER
This cause has won the Give. They have earned $10,000 for their cause!
About our cause

For 10 years Casa Hogar Hijos de la Luna, Oaxaca, MX, has given a safe home to children of single mothers who work at night. Some are sex workers. Now Casa Hogar finds themselves with 55 children in a 3 bedroom space. This project is raising funds so that Casa Hogar can buy the adjoining land, build a new house and continue to serve these kids. The cause is urgent. Without more space the older kids must return home -sometimes brothels or strip clubs, no place for an adolescent to grow up!

What population we serve?

We serve children from infancy to 15 years of age whose working mothers cannot provide them with a safe and healthy place to grow up. En español:

What success we've already had

We have raised over $26,000 US so far. Our goal is to raise the $50,000 US or more which will be needed to purchase the land and build the new house.

Our primary mission
En español: We aim to expand the children’s home Casa Hogar Hijos de la Luna co they can continue offering the at-risk children whom they serve a safe home and education until they reach the age of independence.
Why should you support our cause

Casa Hogar currently does not have the space to accommodate all of these children until adulthood. Sending them back isn’t always a safe alternative.

How the money will be spent

We will purchase the lot adjacent to Casa Hogar and build them a new house. The new building will include a large kitchen, dining area and 2 bedrooms accommodating 40 children in 3 stories. With the added space these children can call Casa Hogar home until they are ready for independence.

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