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Touching LIVES and MENDING Hearts of Children in South Africa

LIFE Community Services in Leechburg, PA by Maryna DeVries

About our cause

In the slums of South Africa, millions of little lives are wrecked by poverty, abuse,hunger, neglect, alcoholism, HIV /AIDS, TB and related diseases. This devastation has created a “parentless” society and is wreaking havoc in the lives of children.35% of our children are cared for by older siblings. What we do? Love the unloved; Develop- whole persons; provide FOUNDATIONAL EDUCATION; provide food(for some their only meals);report abuse; bring hope; link children with resources

What population we serve?

Children living in poverty,affected by HIV/ AIDS& related diseases, abuse,etc. Many children are orphaned and we serve many child-headed families.

What success we've already had

We’ve been operational for 11 years & met the need of thousands of children through youth, welfare, art,food,sport,medical, educational,programs. Many children are alive because of LIFE. Many are successful adults because of stability brought into their situation through this project. Many lives have been transformed and they have hope and a future

Our primary mission
Touching LIVES and mending HEARTS. Our programs bring hope by meeting basic needs and treating children with love, dignity and respect. Being a voice for the voiceless and unwanted by society; Bringing resources to most needy children
Why should you support our cause

It is essential for children to be educated. Our goal is a solid foundation in Fundamental Education in order to have a future.

How the money will be spent

LIFE purchased a small plot of land from the municipality and erected a security fence. A jungle gym was donated but the children don’t have classrooms where they can be taught. We will build 4 classrooms for preschool and Kindergarten.

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