Cultivate at Outstanding in the Field

October 12, 2023

A couple of weekends ago, Cultivate was honored to be poured at an Outstanding in the Field event at Blackberry Farm, and Coco from the blog Roost took these gorgeous photos of the event, including the one above showing Dream Walking being poured!

If you’re not familiar with OitF, what they do is travel around the country spreading their passion for farm-to-table by putting on dinners at incredibly long tables in the middle of fields (and gardens, and forrests, and beaches…) featuring local ingredients and local chefs.

And for those not familiar with Blackberry Farm, it is heaven on earth for farm-to-table enthusiasts. It is a Relais & Chateau hotel and enormous working farm in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, where they grow an incredible assortment of vegetables, raise chickens, goats, lambs, and more, cure their own meats, make their own cheeses, catch their fish in the river, and on and on and on. The owners of Blackberry, Sam and Mary Celeste Beall, are friends of Ali and Charles, and hence Cultivate, and have been so amazing about sharing Cultivate with their fans.

For a closer look at Blackberry Farm, check out the video below with food writer Ruch Reichl (who we love) for Gourmet Magazine.



Blackberry is known for going totally above and beyond with their cuisine- at this event they roasted a lamb raised right there on the farm over an open fire. If you’re interested in knocking guests’ socks off Blackberry-style at your next dinner party, try their 10-hour Braised Lamb recipe.

We can’t wait to start seeing photos of parties where you share Cultivate with your friends!


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