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Tweet We are excited to announce that Tis the Season is now available at Stew Leonard’s! Want to try it? Below is a list of the locations and times that we will be pouring tastings in the coming weeks. Come … Continue reading

Finding flavors and feelings Continue reading

Tweet The Swirl Let me start by saying that once you get the swirl down, you’ll do it incessantly. Like the kid in 7th grade that started everyone doing that annoying pen twirl between his fingers…that will be you with … Continue reading

Tweet Next up in our series on tasting wine is ‘Smell’ or put more artfully, ‘Aromas’. Before we jump into the mechanics and details of smelling wine let’s try to put this whole concept of wine tasting into perspective. The … Continue reading

Sizing up a wine with your eyes. Continue reading

Tweet Q: What do you do for a living? A: I taste wine. Q: That’s your job? You get paid to drink? A: No, I get paid to taste. Q: What’s the difference? How do I get that job? A: … Continue reading