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This week's pairing is from me, Eliza, your host here at the Cultivate blog!

This is my ideal pairing for: The Gambler

Ideally, I would drink this wine at: a ranch somewhere out West, on a day trip out to the middle of nowhere on horseback, around a bonfire at sunset.

Listening to: Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson, 16 Biggest Hits, or Johnny Cash

Cooking: smores. Smores are a total guilty pleasure.

I'd be wearing: a super worn-in, beat-up pair of jeans that are hand-me-downs from my sister, cowboy boots I found in our attic when I was 15, and a white t-shirt (my favorite is the "summer shirt" from American Apparel).

If I could invite one famous person living or dead to join us for this gathering, it would be: Garrison Keilor, I think his voice and endless stories would be perfect for that setting, but truly, I was imagining it more like a romantic gettaway, in which case, Garrison definitely would not be there.

You don't have to be in Wyoming to replicate this kind of evening. Try a backyard campout instead! Or even just a backyard bonfire. Live in an apartment? Smores can be made on your stove top, and sneak up and camp on your roof!

Here are a few ideas for a backyard/rooftop campout:

On this site, you can order army-issue pup tents for $30.

If you want simple, just pick up the supplies for smores, there aren't many simpler desserts! If you're feeling ambitious, try these smores bars (picture above), which substitute graham-flavored chewy cookies for graham crackers (yum). 

Feeling really ambitious? Upgrade a fire ring to a real backyard fire pit. This site gives you a step-by-step guide on how to build a backyard fire pit.

Pendleton makes great blankets with a saddle-blanket aesthetic, and they even sell these fun leather "blanket carriers" that will definitely add extra flair to your campout.

Packing up wine glasses to take out in the backyard might sound like a broken-glass disaster waiting to happen, in which case, we'd opt for wine out of a cool travel mug like the one above. The ceramic body means the wine won't get a weird tin-ny taste a metal travel mug might give it.


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