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Plywood People

Plywood People in Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina by Gisele Nelson

$5,000 WINNER
This cause has won the December Give. They have earned $5,000 for their cause!
About our cause

We employ refugees who make bags out of billboards. The material was upcycled from billboards on the streets. They are handmade by legal refugees who were forced to flee their countries because of conflict. The bags are providing English classes and restores dignity for the workers, all the while addressing local social needs. Our bags are made with reclaimed materials, so when you carry one of our products, you’re not only helping the environment you’re also helping a community in need.

What population we serve?

We employ and educate refugees. We teach them English, pay fair wages, and give them a mentor who helps them navigate life in a new country.

What success we've already had

In less than one year, we have sold over 15,000 bags, resulting in work for 13 refugees. We use billboards that previously were being thrown away in the creation of our bags. We're saving the environment, and making a difference in the lives of refugees.

Our primary mission
Plywood People is a division of Suffered Enough, a 501c3 organization formed to creatively support organizations conducting charitable activities and to provide relief to the poor, distressed and underprivileged.
Why should you support our cause

Plywood People employs refugees to make bags out of recycled billboards, benefitting both our community and the environment.

How the money will be spent

We are in the process of buying a piece of equipment that will help with the cutting of the bags. Currently, the refugees take turns manually cutting all the billboards. This cutting device will cut down on the time it takes to do the cutting.

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