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Empowering Individuals Facing Neurological Challenges

Outdoor Mindset in Boulder, CO by Outdoor Mindset

About our cause

Outdoor Mindset is all about creating positivity in the face of challenging neurological diagnoses. Staying positive is essential to fighting, living with, and healing these challenges. We are creating a national network and looking to pair the newly diagnosed with those who have channeled their diagnosis into doing inspirational and sometimes amazing things (Guide & Traveller Program). We are also beginning to offer meet ups in the Boulder area for our members to connect with others.

What population we serve?

Individuals and families of individuals dealing with neurological challenges (Brain tumors, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's, Epilepsy, M.S. etc)

What success we've already had

We are rapidly growing our membership, expanding our network and implementing programs for our members

Our primary mission
We look to unite and inspire individuals with neurological challenges through a common passion for the outdoors.
Why should you support our cause

We are creating a support network and inspiring our members to live better in the face of a neurological challenge.

How the money will be spent

This money will be spent to improve our programming, allowing us to expand nationally and offer more events and services benefitting our members.

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