From Seed to Plate: an innovative experience in nutrition education

Jones Valley Urban Farm in Birmingham, Alabama by Grant Brigham

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About our cause

JVUF is partnering with Phillips Academy--a K-8 public school in downtown Birmingham, Alabama--to educate every student in the school through our Seed to Plate program. We define Seed to Plate as an innovative, hands-on agriculture and nutrition education program for schools and children. Instructors include teachers, farmers, agri-scientists, nutrition educators and chefs. The program’s activities take place in the field, in the classroom, and in the kitchen. (Video by

What population we serve?

Jones Valley Urban Farm primarily serves school systems in and around the Birmingham City area. Our focus is on K-8 education.

What success we've already had

In the last 10 years, Jones Valley Urban Farm has successfully transformed over 3 acres of vacant downtown property into an organic teaching farm, educating over 4,000 children/students through our Seed to Plate program.

Our primary mission
Jones Valley Urban Farm’s vision is to become a permanent educational asset to Birmingham and the state of Alabama as a lead organization in improving the health and wellness of children and students through agricultural and nutrition education.
Why should you support our cause

We believe we can help change the way students and children view food and how it connects to their health.

How the money will be spent

Alabama ranks in the bottom ten for diabetes (1st worst), obesity (2nd worst), hypertension (3rd worst), physical activity (4th worst), and consumption of fruits and vegetables. We will use the money, and the power of education, to reverse these trends for over 700 students in one school.

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