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Give the Gift of Heat to Native American Families!

Trees, Water & People in Fort Collins, CO by Megan Maiolo-Heath

About our cause

Trees, Water & People's Tribal Renewable Energy Program puts the power of nature — the warmth of the sun, the power of the wind, the shelter of trees — to work for Native Americans. Working with reservation communities, TWP builds and installs solar air heaters for families in need, provides green job training to tribes around the country, and plants windbreak and shade trees around homes. Solar heaters reduce a family's monthly utility bill by 20-30% each month for up to 25 years!

What population we serve?

Trees, Water & People’s brings solar heating to Native American families throughout the U.S., from Montana to New Mexico.

What success we've already had

We have produced over 750 solar air heating systems for Native Americans, keeping 21,295 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions out of the atmosphere, reducing monthly heating costs by 20-30%, and saving families and tribes more than $3.3 million. In addition, we have trained over 100 "Renewable Energy Warriors" in green technologies.

Our primary mission
Trees, Water & People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to improve people's lives by helping communities to protect, conserve and manage the natural resources upon which their long-term well-being depends.
Why should you support our cause

The gift of heat improves lives, decreases green house gas emissions, and creates jobs on tribal lands while celebrating and respecting Mother Nature.

How the money will be spent

We will build 25 solar heaters with the grand prize, greatly improving each family's life by providing free, clean heat. Our heaters are built and installed by Native-owned and operated Lakota Solar Enterprises. so, every heater installed also creates meaningful employment in the green job sector.

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