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Empowerment through Education

The Uplifting Project in New York, NY by Rachel Moser

$10,000 WINNER
This cause has won the Give. They have earned $10,000 for their cause!
About our cause

The Uplifting Project will build a school in an underserved community in Tanzania, which is in eastern Africa. The majority of Tanzanians live under the international poverty line. Many people do not have access to education. Education is necessary for them to improve their economic situation. Education brings opportunities and empowerment. We will assist in these communities by building schools and providing the necessary resources for the villagers to educate and therefore empower themselves.

What population we serve?

We serve underserved and impoverished populations in communities around the world, starting in Tanzania, in eastern Africa.

What success we've already had

Currently we're working on our first project, assisting the community of Olasiti, Tanzania to build their first secondary school. We have made a lot of progress and hope the school will be able to open soon with their first grade of almost 300 students. We have also funded the 10 bathrooms needed to open, which will benefit the students' health.

Our primary mission
The Uplifting Project aims to empower people living in underserved and impoverished communities worldwide by providing them with educational resources. We also hope to benefit all those involved in our projects through education and empowerment.
Why should you support our cause

The Uplifting Project will assist an underserved community to build a school and provide educational resources to educate and empower that community.

How the money will be spent

The money from the Cultivate grant would be spent on the building of a school, including the classrooms and bathroom facilities. The funds would cover the building supplies and cost for labor. The Uplifting Project would also use the money to supply the school with desks and other necessary supplies

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