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Amplifying peace in central Africa

The Voice Project in Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 by Hunter Heaney

About our cause

Through music and FM radio, The Voice Project is amplifying voices on the ground that are calling home child soldiers and abductees with songs of forgiveness. The UN has confirmed that "Dwog Paco" ("Come Home") radio programming is being cited by most returnees as THE major factor in their decision to come out of the bush and is encouraging defections at a rate that could help bring an end to Africa’s longest running war.

What population we serve?

Currently: Northern Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, South Sudan.

What success we've already had

The latest figures from the UN show that the FM programing is being cited by 89% of returnees as their reason for coming out of the bush; new FM station in Djema, CAR online broadcasting Voice Project content; The Voice Project thanked recently in a formal ceremony by broadcasters in Dungu, DRC.

Our primary mission
The Voice Project utilizes the power of music to amplify peace. We are helping to build FM radio stations and broadcast songs of forgiveness to child soldiers in Africa's longest running war to encourage them to return home.
Why should you support our cause

The Voice Project is effectively using music and FM radio to help end Africa's longest running war.

How the money will be spent

This money will be spent on FM broadcast equipment, producing "Come Home" FM programming throughout combat affected regions of Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and South Sudan.

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