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Turning Kentucky's Many Brown-fields into Green-zones

Louisville Biodiesel Cooperative in Louisville, KY by Christian Thalacker

Health & Safety
About our cause

Louisville Biodiesel Cooperative will create & maintain edu-zones in Kentucky where they make the most impact: community centers, schools, public spaces, local special events and farmers' markets. Our fun, pro-active demonstrations are engaging because they are participatory: turning local food waste into high performance, ultra low polluting, non-toxic biodiesel that is EPA-approved. Give us a table and a little shade, and we can change hearts & minds.

What population we serve?

We serve all Kentuckians. Our message especially resonates with farmers, students, teachers, parents, drivers and heavy equipment operators.

What success we've already had

We make progress every day. Schools and recycling programs large and small embrace us, given the drastic financial cuts to Kentucky's education and municipal budgets. Why? We offer free demonstrations where children, teachers, administrators, parents and professionals watch in real-time the proverbial "water-being-turned-into-wine".

Our primary mission
To educate & demonstrate to all Kentuckians the many benefits of 100% biodiesel (especially, when recycled from local waste) including: non-toxic, non-cancer-causing, high performance, local, ethical, EPA-approved, off-the-shelf and cost neutrality.
Why should you support our cause

100% Energy from waste recycling is a moral obligation, where heart, mind, body & soul are in community ... protecting the most and least vulnerable.

How the money will be spent

This money will be entirely spent on 2 items: A. the chemical catalysts we can't get for free to turn waste cooking oil into ~90% biodiesel + ~10% organic soap = sodium methodixde B. the equipment we can't get for free but we recycle: 40-gallon stainless steel vats, glass bottles & rubber gloves.

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