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Improve Health and Sanitary Conditions in Rural Haiti

Community Development International (CDI) in New York, NY by Matthias Resch

Health & Safety
$10,000 WINNER
This cause has won the February 1 to March 31 Give. They have earned $10,000 for their cause!
About our cause

In January 2011 and in response to the Cholera outbreak we built the first free public latrine in the rural town of Seguin. Now, the community is asking for follow-up projects and for further latrines. New construction in up to three locations throughout the community will feature eco-friendly composting techniques, and the local workers will be taught new methods for building sustainably. The existing structure is great but can't serve everyone. More latrines for more people and less Cholera !

What population we serve?

The remote and troubled rural community of Seguin, Haiti as well as targeted small groups of vulnerable or marginalized people in NYC and in Virginia.

What success we've already had

CDI has completed a number of successful projects, both locally and in Haiti. There we built the first free public latrine in the rural town of Seguin. We also work on environmental protection initiatives, eco-enterprise opportunities, health and sanitation projects, and various other programs for a sustainable future for the people of Seguin.

Our primary mission
CDI aims to build strong and sustainable urban and rural communities in both the worst off developing countries throughout the world and locally through educational, environmental, health, agricultural and eco-enterprise projects and programs.
Why should you support our cause

Build eco-friendly composting latrines for better health and introduce proven techniques to the community to prevent the spread of Cholera.

How the money will be spent

The money will be spent to purchase construction materials (approximately $3,000 per 6 person latrine) and to compensate workers. All purchases will be made locally so as to support the fledgling economy. The community is donating the land for the construction as well as the preparation work.

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