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Learn-to-Swim Pool for Kids with Autism

The ABLE Academy in Naples, FL by Helen Conroy

About our cause

Accidental drowning is the #1 cause of death for children with autism. They are fascinated by water, and children in SW Florida are exposed to pools, ponds, lakes and the Gulf on a daily basis. The building ABLE is in has a small therapy pool, but it is not in useable condition. The Project entails renovating the pool and pool area to make it useable. ABLE would then be able to provide 1:1 swim and safety lessons in an appropriate and comfortable setting to local children with autism.

What population we serve?

We serve children with autism & other developmental disabilities, and their families, in the Southwest Fl. area including those with limited means.

What success we've already had

ABLE provides direct training for families, staff, and clinical faculties. It has also created outreach programs-locally and nationally-to assist families struggling with autism and what treatment entails. ABLE’s treatment model has been replicated in other states and each state has recognized these programs as cutting-edge in autism treatment.

Our primary mission
ABLE teaches children with autism and believes progress is a guarantee when using validated procedures for modifying behaviors. We believe that every person is entitled to the highest quality treatment regardless of their current level of function.

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Why should you support our cause

A swimming pool for ABLE will help avoid accidental drowning deaths by teaching kids with autism to swim in a safe, secure and controlled environment.

How the money will be spent

The pool is in a sunroom and some windows are broken. The pool equipment doesn't function and the tile in the pool and on the pool deck needs to be replaced. The money would be spent bringing the pool to code, and would ensure safety for hundreds of children who cannot learn in a group setting.

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