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Sharing the Good News out of Africa

The African Children’s Choir Film in Atlanta, GA by Erin Levin

About our cause

Many see Africa as a warzone flooded with dispair, death and disease. That is not the whole Africa. The African Children's Choir is made up of vulnerable children who grow up in families that live on less than $1 a day. Most have no chance of making it past 1st grade. Thanks to their sponsorship through the Choir, former members are now doctors, lawyers, teachers, journalists and famous musicians. It's time to share this African story!

What population we serve?

1) The orphans and vulnerable children across seven African nations being uplifted through the Choir 2) The film viewers learning about Africa

What success we've already had

The Choir is Grammy-nominated and has performed with stars such as Bono and Faith Hill, for Presidents and for their communities in dire need. Former members are now successful news anchors, human rights attorneys, HIV/AIDS doctors and social entrepreneurs. The filmmaker has won a Peabody and Emmy at only 26. Together, we will share this good news!

Our primary mission
Our mission is to share the good news coming out of Africa. We are producing a documentary feature film about the Grammy-nominated African Children's Choir to share the hope, dignity and potential of Africa's children with the world.
Why should you support our cause

A documentary film about the African Childrens Choir to raise awareness about the power of music and education to lift a nation one voice at a time.

How the money will be spent

Your donation will all be used in helping us shoot and edit the film. Right now we most need funding for flights, crew fees and editing. We are donating 100% of film profits to the Choir so this film is relying on generous support. Thank you!

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