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Be More Heroic in Van Nuys, CA 91405 by Sierra Dowd

About our cause

In addition to positively educating the youth on the issue of bullying through an inspirational fusion of music and arts in our assembly, we are implementing Be More Heroic teams at every school attended. The teams are designed to not only be a safe and positive outlet for these children to express themselves, but also as a place to inspire them to give back to their community through three service projects every semester.

What population we serve?

Be More Heroic serves all levels of education from Elementary through University including educators, students and the communities surrounding.

What success we've already had

We have inspired individuals to become influential, compassionate and engaged advocates against bullying who seek to make an impact in their surrounding schools and communities.

Our primary mission
Be More Heroic is a non-profit anti-bullying campaign dedicated to inspiring individuals and communities to stimulate positive, proactive and courageous action in their daily lives.
Why should you support our cause

Be more heroic.

How the money will be spent

Be More Heroic would use this money to bring the movement to hundreds of schools nationwide, inspiring thousands to bring this bullying epidemic to an end.

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