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The Belwop Project: Shelter for Children in Kenya

Friends of Belwop, Inc. in Charlottesville, VA by Hartley Jeffries

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$50,000 WINNER
This cause has won the February 1 to March 31 Give. They have earned $50,000 for their cause!
About our cause

Belwop exists to give hope and a home to the violated, neglected and orphaned children of Kenya. It was started in 2005 with the vision of one woman to provide a shelter where every child has a safe home and enjoys equal rights. Over fifty children and young teenagers in the Nyeri area have called Belwop a home in the past. There are currently 22 children at the Center living in 3 small rooms, and the need for more space increases daily as the number of needy children grows every month.

What population we serve?

Friends of Belwop serves violated, neglected, and orphaned children in the Nyeri, Kenya area.

What success we've already had

Over the past two years, Friends of Belwop has successfully found sponsors for each individual child at Belwop Rescue Center. Each sponsorship guarantees that the sponsored child will eat three healthy and nutritious meals a day, have access to clean drinking and bathing water, will be able to attend school and will have all other basic needs met.

Our primary mission
Friends of Belwop is dedicated to supporting and promoting Belwop Rescue Center by providing its children with shelter, food, clothing, medical care, and primary school education by covering the costs of school tuition, uniforms, and supplies.
Why should you support our cause

We seek to create a home for the needy children of Nyeri, Kenya by building a facility that can house, feed, educate, and sustain up to 100 children.

How the money will be spent

This money would help to purchase a larger facility for the orphanage to give up to 100 children food and shelter every day. The Belwop Project has raised over $35,000 so far, but we are in need of $100,000 more to open Belwop's doors to the many children who are in need of a place to call home.

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