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Identification Seizure Onset Markers Recognizable by Dogs

Canine Assistants in Milton, GA by Tib Holland

Health & Safety
About our cause

Canine Assistants trains seizure response dogs for individuals who have epilepsy. Through a mechanism that has not been well researched many of the dogs develop the ability to recognize a seizure is oncoming, some as far out as 30 minutes prior to onset. Our supposition is that dogs are not picking up on physical cues from the individual, but rather on a unique odor from either exhaled breath or perspiration. We will use this information to identify seizure markers.

What population we serve?

Individuals who have physical disabilities and seizure conditions.

What success we've already had

We are the largest provider of seizure response dogs in the United States.

Our primary mission
To help people who have physical disabilities and seizure conditions by providing service dogs and conducting research to provide additional ways to fight epilepsy.
Why should you support our cause

Dogs could be taught efficiently and accurately to recognize such markers in any individual allowing for medical intervention prior to seizure onset.

How the money will be spent

The money will be spent conducting research of swab samples taken from Epileptic patients, by providing sampling kits and support materials and scientific analysis. This information will be given to a research team who will identify seizure markers.

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