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Transform Thousands of Lives and Create Peace via The Peace Center

The Peace Project in Culver City, CA by Heidi Huber

$10,000 WINNER
This cause has won the February 1 to March 31 Give. They have earned $10,000 for their cause!
About our cause

We’re convinced that community-building is critical to world change. We also believe that peace is not sustainable unless there is hope for a better future. Through The Peace Center (adjacent to the former Aberdeen Amputee Camp where we’ve already done much good work), The Peace Project will work with the community to operate training programs, health and wellness classes, arts initiatives, and administer a micro-loan program -- all with the intent to empower individuals and the community.

What population we serve?

Currently, we are working with war victims, amputees, women and children in Sierra Leone, Africa.

What success we've already had

The Peace Project was launched in July 2010 and just one year later on September 21st, 2011, World Peace Day, we distributed 10,000 pairs of crutches across the country of Sierra Leone in one of the largest social efforts ever to take place in this country. Plus, dozens of children have received an education through The Peace Project.

Our primary mission
The Peace Project aims to inspire the belief that through creativity, compassion, and community action, a real difference can be made – previously insurmountable problems can be solved and sustainable peace can be created in communities worldwide.
Why should you support our cause

The first Peace Center will transform thousands of lives through critical training programs, arts and cultural programs and a micro-loan program. All designed to get people working and out of poverty quickly.

How the money will be spent

The total cost to design and build The Peace Center is $100,000. We plan to build this in October and November of 2012. Funds will be used for the design and construction phases.

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