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Support the Culinary Dreams of Immigrant Entrepreneurs

La Cocina in San Francisco, CA by Azalea Perez Olivares

About our cause

La Cocina provides affordable commercial kitchen space and hands-on industry specific technical assistance to low-income and immigrant women entrepreneurs who are launching, growing and formalizing food businesses. Our vision is a world in which every one has an opportunity to make a living doing something they love to do. The women of La Cocina not only chase their own dreams but also create jobs and positive economic impact. Plus, they make amazing good. What's not to like about that?

What population we serve?

La Cocina serves low-income and very low-income entrepreneurs with a focus on women and a priority to serve women of color and immigrant women.

What success we've already had

In the six years that La Cocina has been open it has served over 75 businesses. There are currently 33 businesses in the program and ten graduates. Current businesses sell a cumulative $1M/year and create over 80 jobs for themselves and their families. Businesses have grown to national scale and opened brick and mortar restaurants.

Our primary mission
The mission of La Cocina is to cultivate low-income food entrepreneurs as they formalize and grow their businesses by providing affordable commercial kitchen space, industry-specific technical assistance and access to market opportunities.
Why should you support our cause

We transition low-income and immigrant entrepreneurs from the informal to the formal economy and from income patching to asset generation.

How the money will be spent

Traditional start-up costs for a food business begin at $250,000. With the support of La Cocina, talented entrepreneurs can begin for less than $2K, and often grow to national companies. In a literal sense, support for this project supports the dreams of talented and undercapitalized entrepreneur

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