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Clean Water for Indonesia

Waves For Water in Sherman Oaks, CA by Benjamin Edwards

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About our cause

Indonesia is seen as an exotic destination for global travelers who seek adventure and beauty. But, 70% of Indonesians rely on potentially contaminated water resources and 20% of child deaths are from water related illnesses. W4W will organize and lead missions to distribute portable water filters for those in need. We will leverage our Clean Water Courier program & plug into travelers who make Indonesia their destination to install life saving water filters to exponentially help Indonesia.

What population we serve?

1 billion people in need of clean water. From the highest peaks in the Andes Mtns to Pakistan & disaster-affected areas like Haiti, Japan & Indonesia.

What success we've already had

In the last 2 years, we have led missions in over 15 countries, distributed nearly 100,000 filters -- enough to help over 7.5 million people gain access to clean water. Public support & participation of our, newly launched, Clean Water Courier program has reached the farthest corners of the globe with individual travelers helping over 10,000.

Our primary mission
To get clean water to every single person who needs it. Our mission is to bring existing solutions, such as portable water filters, directly to those in need, in countries all over the world. Hundreds of filters can be transported by a single person.
Why should you support our cause

We provide the tools to help communities help themselves gain access to clean water.

How the money will be spent

One filter costs only $50 and can help provide clean water to 100 people for 5 years. We will conduct a series of missions led by us. We will start in Northern Bali and reaching as far as the Mentawai Islands empowering local networks in the process. A grant of $10k can help over 20k people.

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