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Marvelous Local Food & Renewable Energy Summer Camp for Kids

The Abundance Foundation in Pittsboro, NC by Jenny Schnaak

About our cause

Our Youth Sustainability Summer Camp, aimed at ages 10-15, is an engaging 5-day learning experience that exposes youth to a wide range of topics in sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. Each day of camp includes at least 3-5 hands-on workshops from sustainability experts and inspired educators. Discussions of conservation will raise the campers’ awareness of energy and resources. Hands-on workshops include: green building, making biodiesel, sustainable agriculture, local economy & finance, seed saving, making snacks from whole foods, solar double-cropping, medicinal herbs, cooking with local foods, Soil science, composting, and more!

What population we serve?

Since we are located in Chatham County, we reach a diverse mix of youth and adults in central North Carolina, including Raleigh and Chapel Hill.

What success we've already had

Since 2006 we have grown from a $7700 per year organization to a projected $300,000 a year organization. From 2009 to 2010, our educational Student Sustainability Tours increased from 330 participants to over 1000, wherein they learned about solar energy, biodiesel, biodiversity, medicinal herbs, sustainable agriculture and aquaponics. About 240 folks attended our DIY Workshops ranging from seed saving and herbal medicine, to bread baking and cheese-making. In 2011, about 17,400 healthy and delicious school lunches were served in all 17 Chatham County Public Schools during our Chef Challenge.

Our primary mission
Our mission at The Abundance Foundation is to educate and empower youth and adults in the areas of sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and local economy through youth programming, do-it-yourself workshops, and community-building events.
Why should you support our cause

Youth Sustainability Summer camp will foster the next generation of environmental stewards and food justice leaders.

How the money will be spent

We want Youth Sustainability Summer camp to be accessible to any child showing interest in renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. Cultivate will help us provide 10 scholarships to at-risk youth from low-income households, as well as help compensate camp counselors, organizers, and educators for their time.

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