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I Will Not Be Silent: Child Abuse Treatment and Prevention

Child Abuse Listening Mediation, INC. (CALM) in Santa Barbara, CA by Momo Richel

About our cause

We provide free or low-cost treatment for children who have been abused to help them recover from trauma. We also prevent abuse by providing parent education and support for at-risk families with children 0-5, and education in the schools about abuse. Our "I Will Not Be Silent" campaign encourages children and adults to speak out about abuse when it occurs. Prevention services can be provided in the home and begin prenatally for families at risk, available in Spanish and English.

What population we serve?

Low-income or poverty level families in crisis. Almost 3/4 of our clients are Latino, and 1/4 are monolingual Spanish-speaking.

What success we've already had

In the last fiscal year, CALM provided more than 2,000 clients with direct counseling services (group or individual) and home visitation support services, with 6,200 schoolchildren, teachers, and child-serving agencies receiving child abuse prevention education. One of our clients said, "CALM helped heal my broken heart."

Our primary mission
CALM’s mission is to prevent, assess and treat child abuse in Santa Barbara County by providing comprehensive, culturally competent services for children, adults and families.
Why should you support our cause

We help children heal from the devastating effects of abuse so that they can go on to become healthy, functioning adults in our society.

How the money will be spent

Program costs include supplies for art projects; food for snacks for groups who meet at meal times; salaries for therapists who provide services. Art therapy and group meetings are an important part of the healing process for children who have lost trust due to abuse.

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