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Kids Fighting Crohn's & Colitis Together

KidsFACT in Knoxville, TN by Charlene Widner

About our cause

KidsFACT wants to improve the quality of life for our patient population. We hope to contribute to this through education and support. We want to educate the community about these chronic GI diseases and open dialog about the life conditions these kids face that commonly require a lifetime of care.

What population we serve?

Greater Knoxville area

What success we've already had

KidsFACT has been inactive for a few years so this is our first year for the new Board of Directors. We have made some strides with improving newly diagnosed patient experiences by developing an information packet and making available new support resources for them and their families through our website and informational handouts.

Our primary mission
KidsFACT (Kids Fighting Crohn's & Colitis Together) is dedicated to making strides towards a greater quality of life for those in the greater Knoxville area with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (including Crohn's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis).
Why should you support our cause

Improve the quality of life for kids with Crohns & Colitis as well raise awareness and change public attitudes about these terrible chronic diseases.

How the money will be spent

Kid Friendly Events Educational Seminars for Parents and Kids Newly diagnosed Patient packets Future grants for indigent patients that can not afford their medical care.

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