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Zoo to You School Outreach Program

Minot Park Foundation in Minot, ND by Jennifer Fry

About our cause

The Zoo to You School Outreach Program involves visits to local schools, clubs and service groups by a zoo professional with the focus on "hands on" animal encounters with the goal of educating participants of: wildlife understanding, physical characteristics and adaptations of the selected species, and conservation awareness of issues facing their wild counterparts.

What population we serve?

The population serve includes the residents of the City of Minot, North Dakota and surrounding communities, reaching over 42,000 people.

What success we've already had

The Minot Park Foundation has successfully fulfilled its mission since 1994, providing to the stated population a zoo, ice arena, ball park, golf course, pool, trails, and family parks.

Our primary mission
Promoting, developing and advancing all public parks owned by, or under the control of, the Minot Park District and situated either within or without the municipal corporation limits of the City of Minot, North Dakota.
Why should you support our cause

This project allows for a fun and interactive experience with visits from live animals to enhance life science and wildlife conservation education.

How the money will be spent

The money would be spent to purchase bio facts to help enhance the educational experience: skulls, pelts, pellets, etc., as well as items for outreach animal transport and care: carriers, heating bags and demonstration materials with the balance applied toward scholarships for free visits.

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