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Green Technology for Women Entrepreneurs

Kopernik in New York, NY by Audrey Desiderato

About our cause

Kopernik will provide Indonesian women belonging to a widow's cooperative with training and access to green, life-improving technology (such as solar lights and water purifiers). The women will become technology agents and sell the products to their communities. This provides employment opportunities for disenfranchised women while helping communities gain access to improved water and energy sources.

What population we serve?

We serve poor communities around the world and focus our work on women. We have projects in 10 countries around the world.

What success we've already had

Since our launch in 2010 we have reached 51,000 people with life-changing technology.

Our primary mission
Kopernik connects people in developing countries to innovative, life changing technologies (things like solar lanterns, clean cookstoves, water purifiers etc).
Why should you support our cause

The project empowers poor women to become entrepreneurs and diffuse green, life-improving technologies to their communities.

How the money will be spent

This money would be spent to cover technology cost, training, baseline survey and awareness raising, monitoring and oversight of the project's impact.

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