Sandhi Wines

Who The two became friends in 2001 over a shared passion for wine. For years they dreamed about doing a project together to create balanced, Burgundian style wines in the cool climate of the Santa Rita Hills. In 2009 they decided to make their dream a reality. A mutual friend and serious talent, Sashi Moorman, was tapped as the winemaker.

What Sandhi means "collaboration" in Sanskrit. These wines are a collaboration between Rajat Par, accomplished sommelier; Charles Banks, founder of Terroir Capital; and Sashi Moorman, acclaimed winemaker; and the sun, the soils, the fog and climate of the Santa Rita Hills in Santa Barbara County.

Why Because great wine is an art of balance and finesse and it is their dream to achieve that harmony in every vintage and these are the wines they love to drink!


Who Andy Erickson and Annie Favia, husband and wife winemaking team extraordinaire; Charles Banks and Terroir Capital.

What A big, rich and ripe California red. A beautiful blend of the best northern california offers every vintage.

Why The freedom to blend from the best of all northern california offers rather than the restraints placed on single vineyards is the driver behind Leviathan. This wine was put onto the Terroir platform because it gave all of us another opportunity to work together!

Mulderbosch Wines

Who Adam Mason is the new winemaker. Adam worked with us at Screaming Eagle one harvest and everyone fell in love with each other. In SA he worked for a one of the most esteemed and A shared work ethic, life view, and commitment to quality.

What Afffordable delicious wines form South Africa. A beautiful expression of old vine chenin which much of the world wrongly views as an ugly step child! We are excited to show her in a new and light

Why Charles and I fell in love with SA through stories from our first nanny, Andrea. Every story began with, "in South africa" and we took the bate hook line and sinker! After our first visit to this magical country we were committed to doing business there so we would always HAVE to come back! And, now Andrea works for Mulderbosch!!





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