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Givestrong : Buy Cultivate

Cultivate is proud to be a part of the "conscious capitalism" movement. This means we believe that profit is not the only reason for existence--rather, we believe a company can both make a profit and help fill a need to solve problems in the world.  That means that by choosing to buy Cultivate, you can help make a difference in the world. No donations necessary. We do what we're good at (making great wine), you buy a product you already buy, and together we create a revenue engine for non-profits to help them do what they do best. That's what we call "GiveStrong."

Buy Wine
Current Give Amount $100,000
Current Cultivate Revenue $1,000,000
Total # of Charities Funded 17

How it Works

We are giving $100,000 this quarter based on our projected revenue of $1,000,000 (revenue, not profit), but we hope to surpass this sales goal, and if we do, we will keep adding to The GIVE as long as sales keep growing. The higher sales go, the more organizations will be funded this quarter.