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- Copa Cabana -

Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

The Story
The Profile

Like Barry said, music and passion are always in fashion at the Copa! A warm breeze, low lighting, low-cut dresses, loosened ties, shirts with one too many buttons unbuttoned, a band that has the crowd on their feet, a moonlit patio oasis, and just enough shadowed nooks for secret lovers to take cover. In the dim lighting, one could believe it’s 1920, and in fact, it’s looked this way since 1920.  It’s been there for decades and will be there for decades more, as long as the desire for music and passion endures. Copa Cabana is a sultry and spicy red that knows how to keep a secret.

Sourced from the warm Curico Valley in Chile, this cabernet is punched up with a dose of carmenere, Chile's prized national grape. In our 100% recyclable 3 liter box, Copa Cabana is perfect for a party or to stay fresh in your fridge as an everyday drinker for up to a month. No more having to open a bottle at night for just a couple of glasses! 



Curico Valley in Chile’s Central Valley



Curico is situated well inland and really in the warmest pocket of the Valle Central. Cool air descends nightly from the Andes Mountains to moderate the sometimes incredibly hot days.



The soil in Curico is generally more uniform with respect to profile and depth. The benchlands have some loam, but clay predominates.


How Blended

We spent a tremendous amount of time circling back through Curico and its prime sub-region of Lontue, seeking out the producers with the best combination of land, attention to detail in the cellar and finally exportation capactity. We felt most comfortable with the Aresti winery. Their young owner, Vicente and his winemaker Jon Usabagia were welcome, accommodating and open to so many different possibilities. We began by tasting multiple lots of each variety individually. In other words, we tasted through all of the Cabernet lots, then all of the Carmenere, then all of the Merlot. Once the best lots of each variety were identified, then we commenced blending. This is usually where the expertise of the local winemaker is most beneficial. Their years of experience with these vineyards makes fine-tuning a blend so much easier. For Copa Cabana, the Cabernet Sauvignon provided a terrific balanced base of red fruits a touch of sweetness and great structure. I felt like for most folks, this would have passed the relatively low bar for an entry-level red wine. But for Cultivate, we want the wine to be terrific and to taste like where it came from, so adding Carmenere was a must. Carmenere provides a darker fruit profile, weight on the palate, and some spice and intensity on the finish. 


Tasting Note

Copa Cabana is a smooth, easy-drinking red wine. Full of juicy red fruits and with a peppery spice on the finish, Copa’s balance and finesse make for great sipping or pairing with meals.

Deep red
Plum, meaty, peppery
Broad, full

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Copa Cabana
Cabernet Sauvignon 2010