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- Double Blind -

Pinot Grigio 2010

The Story
The Profile

Remember the scene on the boat in Italy in The Talented Mr. Ripley? Beautiful people, beautiful setting, a life you believed you could very well get used to, and all the while an undercurrent of something mysterious, like a figure behind a curtain, but you couldn’t stop watching. Double Blind is the wine equivalent of that scene. A beautiful color, lulling nose, and bright finish, and yet, a very mysterious name, reflecting the intriguing nature of this wine that keeps you coming back for more. In our quest for a wine to reflect the Italian “bella vita,” we found none that captured it better than Double Blind.

We found Double Blind in the Veneto region of northeast Italy, a region known for its historic vineyards and its canal-crossed capital, Venice. Double Blind is perfect with cold pasta salads, fresh garden veggies, and grilled fish. 



Veneto (VEN-uh-toe) in the northeast of Italy. Bordered by the alps to the north and the adriatic sea to the east. The capital of this region is the canal-crossed city of Venice. It is Italy’s largest wine producing region.



A large area with variable climate depending on your proximity to the mountains, the coast, or anywhere in between.



Almost exclusively volcanic in the good growing areas


Blending Session

Double Blind started out with the hope of doing something more that just your hum-drum Pinot Grigio. We looked into indigenous grapes like Garganega from the region of Soave and we looked at doing a white blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Friulano and lots of other stuff. When it came down to it, the Pinot Grigio we tasted was, on its own, expressive, balanced and totally food-friendly. It was structured and driven by a bright acidity and crisp texture. Sometimes less is more!


Tasting Note

Double Blind Pinot Grigio carries the classic aromas of white flowers, marzipan and meyer lemon. The zip and zing on the palate provide a lively and refreshing pairing with all manner of seafood. The finish is a touch honeyed and followed with a bright and crisp note of acidity.

Very pale with a light gold rim
Honeysuckle, white roses, apricots, raw almonds and hazelnuts
Zip and zing, lightweight, bright

Ready to try it?

Double Blind
Pinot Grigio 2010