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– Philosophy & Sourcing –


Cultivate Wines, Cultivate Life

At Cultivate, we believe that wine is about sharing the real things in life.  For millennia, around a bottle of wine, friendships have been built, stories shared, romances kindled, and moments celebrated.  Sharing wine gives you an excuse to invite your friends over to catch up, it reminds you to cheers the achievements in your life, it asks you to linger over a meal a little longer. 

We believe that slowing down to enjoy the real things in life is important, and we make wines that make you want to do just that. It’s our hope that with Cultivate wines, you’ll cultivate your life.

Sourcing Wines

It’s not a secret, but it’s also not necessarily advertised that most big wine brands buy most of their grapes from other vineyards in order to make the wines that they bring you.  Well, we’re doing just that, but we see this as an advantage to you, not a secret.  With contacts around the world from years in the high-end wine business, we’re using this model to bring you the best wine possible at the best value possible.   

Our winemaking team literally travels around the world tasting juice to find the best of what is available that season and then blends something especially for our buyers.  If one region has a bad harvest one year, no problem, we don’t own land anywhere, so we just find the places that did have a good harvest!  So you’re always guaranteed quality, and you’re always guaranteed variety.