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- The Gambler -

Malbec 2010

The Story
The Profile

A modern day Gaucho, the Gambler eats his meals fireside, in denim and cowboy boots that have seen the better part of Argentina’s vast and wild beauty. But when he shows up to win, his whiskers have been met with a straight razor, his jacket is pressed, and his tie skillfully knotted. With a steady gaze that stays even the most blasé of women, he slowly takes the room, and ultimately, the women's hearts and the men's money. 

To find The Gambler, our winemaker Nat travelled throughout Mendoza, Argentina’s prized wine region, to find and blend this authentic Argentine Malbec. Hearty, rich, and rustic, we like it with a steak or a mushroom pasta. Or just sitting by the fire telling stories... 



Mendoza, Argentina (Specifically Lujan de Cuyo, a special sub-region just south of the town of Mendoza) What sets Mendoza apart as a wine region is its incredible altitude. The entire growing region if upwards of 800 meters above sea-level.



Mendoza is arid, temperate and breezy



Very gravelly with mixtures of alluvial and sand as well


The Blend

Malbec is the ‘main event’ in Argentina. Elsewhere in the world (namely Bordeaux) it only plays a supporting role as a blending grape, but in Argentina’s high-altitude, arid and gravelly Mendoza region, Malbec seems to shine brightest. In Mendoza, the grape generally produces a dark red wine that is full-bodied and full-flavoured, though often lacking in texture. This is where the little-known grape Bonarda comes in. Bonarda has some dubious history, but one thing it has in spades is texture. We gave The Gambler just enough Bonarda (about 13%) to help give it that long dusty finish.


Tasting Note

The Gambler is a powerful, broad and brawny red wine with flavor and texture for days. Ripe Malbec is counterbalanced with a touch of Bonarda to create a forceful and full mouthfeel of blue and black fruits, leather and spice.

Deep red with purple center
Olives, leather, strawberry
Powerful, broad

Ready to try it?

The Gambler
Malbec 2010