Our Brand


The Story of Cultivate Wines

In the 80’s, The J. Peterman catalog was much more than a catalog. It was a source of inspiration. It allowed one to armchair travel, just by reading the stories of each of the products and where they came from. The catalog was such a cultural fixture that the brand even made guest appearances on the Seinfeld as Elaine’s place of work. It was this globe-trotting, treasure-hunting model that was one of the inspirations for Cultivate. We deploy our winemaking team across the globe, using our connections from all our other ventures in the wine world, to search out great juice to blend and bring back home to share with you, each time with a unique story and personality. As lovers of all styles and types of wines, this model gives us flexibility to create a broad assortment of wines all under the Cultivate label.

But bringing wines from around the world was only one of the inspirations for Cultivate. Through Terroir Selections, our portfolio of other brands (also available for sale on this site), we were already involved in many interesting adventures in the wine world, including Sandhi, Mulderbosch, Fable, and Leviathan. There was something else that pushed us to start Cultivate– we had been bitten by the “connected capitalism” bug, and we wanted to find a way to use our specialty – wine – to make a difference in the world.

Former President Bill Clinton, Nobel peace prize winner Muhammed Yunus, former CEO of Coca Cola, Neville Isdell, and many other thought leaders are outspoken in their belief that for-profit companies with a socially responsible mission have incredible potential to change the world, and we aim to prove them right.

We created an innovative program, The GIVE, as a fundamental tenet of our business. The GIVE is our model of donating the first ten cents of every dollar that we make to non-profits supporting education and basic human needs. The revolutionary twist is that we do not direct the funds — instead, non-profits submit their cause and we allow customers to vote on our website. Our goal is to allow customers to express their values through their purchases, which means they need a voice in determining where the money goes.

President Ronald Reagan, the great communicator, once said, “All great change in America starts at the dinner table.” We agree. The wines in the Cultivate portfolio are meant to be opened and enjoyed around the table with friends and family on days both ordinary and extraordinary.

Open a bottle and start dreaming.